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Maceo Parker in Germany (II)
Photo Gallery: Maceo live in Dusseldorf. (5 photos)
Maceo Live in Dusseldorf Germany
Maceo Live in Dusseldorf Germany
Maceo Live in Dusseldorf Germany
Maceo Live in Dusseldorf Germany
Maceo Live in Dusseldorf Germany

Review by Max

First I want to say that this concert is really a must for everyone!

This concert (nearly 3 hours!) is the funkiest concert I’ve ever seen! Maceo Parker is such a cool person! This man is amazing! I went to this concert on Monday with a friend of mine and my father. I noticed Maceo in the NPG Band and the first time I saw him, I thought he’s the funkiest Saxophone player in the world (after Candy ;-) His way to play the saxophone is so cool and on this concert he play his funky solos (I can’t find some words for that!). Just incredible! When he went on stage with his sunglasses (in this dark room :-) everybody scream and he just laughed and pick up his saxophone and play (then everybody in this building scream and got out of control!) But not only Maceo was cool and funky this night, Greg Boyer on the trombone stayed (often) on the side and let Maceo play his funky saxophone and every time he went to his microphone (with the trumpet player, which play so “high” I couldn’t believe that!) you could see a little smile on his face! He’s a very funny person, he made some grimaces :-)

Maceo’s guitar player was most of the time very close in the back but he play very funky things on his guitar (not as good as prince, but not bad!). When they play “Baby Knows”, which was perhaps the best part of the show, he started to play a solo! Oh my god! That solo was nearly 10minutes long!!!! Great solo and all fans (me too) scream at him and he just laugh and play along. Incredible.

Anyway, his Band plaid all the time so “straight” and funky (nearly like the NPG). The drummer: really perfect! His beats were just amazing. He really didn’t move, only his hands “beat” no the drum set. The bass player also control his instrument in a very cool way and his “slapping” was perfect! Everybody in this house can’t believe what they saw! Songs like “Shake everything you got”, “Off the hook”, “Baby Knows”, “Pass The Peas”, “Quick Step” and “Those girls” were plaid so funky! FUNKY! FUNKY! FUNKY! On “Those girls” Corey Parker (on of the two background singer) came on the microphone and sung this song. Everybody scream and sung with him. After he had said the last words of this song (No pretendin’, the world is full of all types of woman, U will see) Maceo started to play a solo. Nearly the best solo I’ve ever heard from him on stage! You could see that he’s smiling, when everybody clap their hands.

At the end of nearly ever song the band play the last “accord” and Maceo (with his hand raised up in the air) shouted: “MACEO PARKER! MACEO PARKER! MY NAME IS MACEO PARKER! WHAT ABOUT THE BAND! IS THIS FUNKY?” and all shouted back “WE WANT THE FUNK!”… that was very cool and it reminds me of some Prince concerts :-)

In the middle of the show, the band leave the stage and the keyboarder (Mr.Hayes) play some slow songs on the keyboard. When he play “Ain’t no sunshine” everybody sung with the keyboard. Really cool! This was the best show I’ve ever seen! If anybody is able to see him live on stage: BUY SOME TICKETS. Amazing show. Great songs. Funky musician. Funky MACEO PARKER!

Thanx to Maceo Parker, who give me The Funkiest Show ever. Thanx!

-- Max (Oldschoolfunk)

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